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English Teaching Jobs in China

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Teach English in China - English as a Second language (ESL)

At RAY English we take a different approach to finding English Teaching Jobs in China. RAY English Recruitment opens doors for teachers to immerse themselves and make a positive difference in an enchanting country that is culturally strong and the home to the largest population in the world. We at RAY English give teachers the opportunity to find English Teaching Jobs in China with reputed and reliable schools and universities.

Our services are 100% free to teachers since we don’t believe in charging to match your skills and preferences where they are best suited to teach English in China.

A Great Opportunity for your Career

To teach in China is a great opportunity for ESL teachers since you will be exposed to working with students with different proficiency in English. English teaching jobs in China will offer a truly unique and special experience for teachers, as China offers a dynamic Asian location in which global industry is hugely influential. Since English is the world’s common business language, your skills for teaching English in China will be in hot demand.

China is developing at a staggering pace with the latest technology and economic growth, at the same time it is a culturally diverse country with a rich heritage and history with ancient temples and is the home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. While teaching English in China you are bound to be amazed by a fascinating and exciting experience each day.

Find that Perfect Position to Teach English in China

There is a myriad of English Teaching Jobs in China and selecting one that suits you the best can be a tough choice. Our job search page has a facility which allows teachers to see which jobs are available, to search by location, salary range, and by student type. That way, you can find the jobs which suit you. With RAY English you will be guaranteed a placement at a reputable school or university that will have already worked with teachers we have placed, or are very well known to us.

At RAY English our focus is to make sure that all the teachers we introduce to teach in China are comfortably settled. Since you will be travelling miles away from home, and for many it will be their first trip to China, we will render our fullest support before and after you get the job. Teaching English in China can be a wonderfully rewarding adventure that will not only enrich your life but better those of all your students too.


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